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The Great Barrier Reef stretches for approx 2000 KM or 1200 miles . This lenghth makes it the most extensive reef system in the World and also the largest structure made by living organisms. The Reef includes 2500 named individual reefs and in excess of 600 islands . There are 250 named Continental Isalnds and 70 Coral Cays .Its features stunning natural beauty ,unsurpassed diving snorkelling and deserted pristine tropical islands.

Creatures on the Reef
The Great Barrier Reef will introduce you to a fathomless underwater world and thousands of brilliantly coloured species of marine life including 1500 types of fish, 4000 types of molluscs, 350 types of echinoderms and 350 types of corals. The Reef is also the breeding area for a number of rare and endangered species. Humpback whales swim up from the Antarctic to give birth to their young in our reef waters. Six of the world's seven species of sea turtle breed on the Reef, and dugong make their home among the sheltered seagrass beds.

Diving and Snorkelling
Put simply, the Great Barrier Reef is a scuba diver's paradise. You could dive on the world's largest marine park every day for the rest of your life and still not see it all. Queensland's warm sub-tropical climate is perfect for diving all year round and the water is clearer than crystal. Discover a Garden of Eden below the waves, a magical world filled with diverse species of marine life. There's a whole new undersea world waiting, where you can enjoy peak diving experiences.

Surrounding Islands
The Whitsundays region alone includes over 70 Great Barrier Reef islands. The Tropical North has more! Townsville has many islands you can escape to and Capricorn Coast & Southern Reef is the Southern gateway to the reef. These are the main gateways to the reef, but you can get to a part of the reef or an island from almost any point on the coast.

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